Support Tommy’s Place ~ A Local Treasure

Those of you who have strolled down Main Street over the past year have surely noticed the antique Elm Arch Inn sign has been replaced. Perhaps a few curious ones have even wandered down Elm Arch Way to see what changes were being made. The former historic inn has been transformed into a beautiful vacation home called Tommy’s Place.

But this vacation home is not a typical vacation home: it is intended for use only by kids with cancer and their supportive family members, friends and caregivers. If you have not had a chance to see or learn about Tommy’s Place, you will be inspired by the story of this unique refuge.

Photo Credit: Tommy's Place website

Honoring Tommy Leonard

Tommy’s Place, named in honor of deceased long-time resident Tommy Leonard, provides a much needed respite for families of children battling cancer. This unique vacation home is a haven for these families to relax and have fun. Only one family at a time is permitted to stay in the home for up to a week, free of charge. 

The building houses 11 individually decorated bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Indoor amenities include a game room, home theater, tavern, and rooms for music and arts and crafts. The outside area offers a basketball court, beach volleyball court, cornhole, horseshoes, giant chess and checkers, ping pong, an outdoor TV, fire pit, a 1951 Fire Truck, and a pool (coming soon).

Photo Credit: Tommy's Place website

How Tommy’s Place was Born

The idea for Tommy’s Place came after Tim O’Connell, Falmouth resident and founder of Tommy’s Place, had a personal experience with the family of a child battling cancer. This life-changing experience led Tim to set forth completing his goal of giving kids and their families a dream vacation. Tim had worked in real estate investment and development for years.

Not only did he buy, sell, and build new single and multi-family properties, he also rehabilitated old historic buildings. Tim combined this wealth of knowledge and experience with the support from community members and Tommy’s Place became a reality. Tommy’s Place welcomed its first guests in July 2021!! 

To learn more about this special place or to donate to this worthy cause please visit the Tommy’s Place website

Photo Credit: Tommy's Place website