4th of July 2023: Your Guide to the Quintessential Cape Cod Holiday

Fourth of July is perhaps the most quintessential holiday on the Cape. There’s nothing as perfect as watching the wave of glittering bike streamers go down Main Street, or friendly giant lobsters and rainbow squid in the parade, or sitting watching the fireworks light up the night sky with some of your favorite people.

Fourth of July is just a few days away, and Falmouth is promising to bring the heat, fun, and festivities for 2023. As the birthplace of Katharine Lee Bates, our town inspired the lyrics to America the Beautiful. From parades and beaches to fireworks and local hangouts, there’s a great host of activities to partake in for all ages.

Parade and Fanfare!

Parking in Woods Hole is notoriously slim, so embrace the spirit of the holiday and bike down the Shining Sea Bikeway into Woods Hole to watch the Woods Hole parade. People of all ages are more than welcome to watch the annual parade organized by MBL. Tons of dancing, music, and science all join together for a wacky, festive and fun time!

The bike path runs from the Steamship Authority Ferry terminal to County Road in North Falmouth. There’s lots to do on those 10.7 miles, from stopping in Falmouth for an ice cream cone, taking pictures at the Nobska Lighthouse, walking along the beach, or playing on the Goodwill Park Playground.

Watch the Falmouth Commodores

Wander off the bike path and into the town of Falmouth for some cozy and special shops, or head a bit further down Main Street for an awesome early-evening Falmouth Commodores game. Grab some popcorn and hotdogs and enjoy all the Americana vibes watching the baseball game as you wait for night to fall for the fireworks. The Commodores do accept and encourage donations upon entry, so be sure to have some change on you from your trip to Dairy Queen located right across the street. Nothing is better than baseball, Fourth of July, and a sweet treat!

Best yet- the field is just a leisurely walk or bike ride away from Falmouth Heights or Marine Park if you’re looking to go to the Fireworks.

Falmouth Fireworks – an Unbeatable Classic!

A Cape Cod Fourth of July would not be complete without a fireworks display near the water. Nothing compares to watching the beach light up in a vast array of colors as you sit back and enjoy the ocean air. Falmouth Fireworks are iconic, so much so Travel and Leisure Magazine named them one of the best fireworks displays in the country. The fireworks are a must-see event, so make sure you do your research on the Falmouth Police Department‘s site for road closures and tow-away zones to ensure your holiday goes off without a hitch. The parking ban effect goes into place starting at 3:30 pm.

They’ll be starting at dusk, which should be around 9 pm on Tuesday. Be sure to bring a radio with you to the event, and tune into 102.9 FM (or PIXY 103) for the music that accompanies the show. Try parking near the Falmouth Plaza (right over by Staples) for a lovely walk into Falmouth Heights, but be prepared to be in attendance with thousands of other people! Marine Park isn’t far from the Plaza and is a fantastic location for viewing the display if you don’t want to get too sandy. Shore Drive is a classic Falmouth Fourth of July experience that you can’t beat, or go for a more relaxed vibe at a location like Bristol Beach. If you pay close attention, you can even see other fireworks shows across the Sound, and further down the Cape!

No matter where you choose to view the fireworks from or how you choose to celebrate, there’s nothing like a Fourth of July “from sea to shining sea.”