Best Falmouth Beaches for Families

Summer is just around the corner and that means plenty of time at the beach! Of the 11 beautiful beaches in Falmouth, there are 3 that stand out as family favorites– Surf Drive, Goodwill Park, and Wood Neck Beach. So why are these beaches great for families? Read on to find out:

Wood Neck Beach

Wood Neck Beach

Wood Neck Beach is located in Sippewissett and is a family favorite because it offers access to a tidal area that is perfect for budding beachcombers. Kids (and adults!) can float down in or out of the tidal marsh depending on the tide schedule. Bring a boogie board or other float and watch the kids tire themselves out running to the start of the channel and floating in or out! 

You can choose to set up on the West-facing side which offers beautiful, landscape painting-worthy views, or on the tidal side. Either side offers gorgeous views, and you can easily move back and forth between the two. 

One thing to keep in mind about Wood Neck beach is that it is sticker only! There are portable restrooms and the ice cream truck usually visits every afternoon, but other than that, there are no services.

Our single best piece of advice is to arrive early in the morning– the lot opens at 9:00 am or later in the afternoon after the crowds have departed. Wood Neck is popular with the locals, so the lot will fill up fast! The parking lot is also considerably smaller than some of the other town beaches. 

Surf Drive Beach

Surf Drive beach is a quick walk from Main Street and is also accessible via bike using the Shining Sea Bikeway. Surf Drive beach offers daily non-sticker parking for a $15. Even if you are visiting for the week, you can purchase a sticker by visiting the Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse, located right at Surf Drive Beach. 

Surf Drive beach is fairly large, but there is a nice “kiddie pool” area that is protected and usually warmer than the other two sides due to the shallow depth. It’s also a great place for beach combing with a lot of hermit crabs and guppies! 

The beach at Surf Drive features a fully staffed bath house and snack bar operated by Doggz & Hogzz. There are several bathrooms and changing stalls, as well as showers, making it the perfect spot for a family beach day! 

Good Will Park - Grew's Pond
Photo credit: Buzzards Bay Coalition

Goodwill Park 

Goodwill Park, a town-owned park, offers Falmouth’s only freshwater beach. It’s a great place for families because it offers a small beach with a protected swim area, so it’s very easy to keep track of the children! It’s staffed by a town lifeguard and there are facilities nearby, in addition to a great playground a short walk from the beach! 

While the parking is free, the pond parking lot can be quite crowded on weekends. Our best tip is to visit during the week if possible. It’s also a great location for having a picnic on warm summer evenings!

What are your favorite Falmouth beaches for families? Let us know in the comments below!

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