Where to Find the Best Scoop of Ice Cream in the Falmouth Area

Eating a high quality ice cream cone is truly a quintessential Cape Cod experience. Whatever your plans are for your summer day, there’s always a way to include ice cream! So the next question is: where can I get the best ice cream around? If you are staying in the Falmouth area, we have narrowed the vast array of choices down to a select few. We tried many scoops from many different venues and here is the list we assembled. 

Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium – is one of our favorites for the high quality ice cream made in-house and the numerous flavor options. In addition, the shop is located on Main Street in downtown Falmouth so it offers easy access to nearby restaurants and shops. Patrons can enjoy their scoop on the ½ mile jaunt to Surf Drive Beach or stroll over to the carousel located on the Mullen Hall playground. Visitors must try their signature Lobster ice cream! 

Smitty’s Homemade Ice Cream – has two locations, one conveniently located on route 28 in East Falmouth, nestled next to a picturesque pond. Savor your scoop on one of the picnic tables overlooking the water, or have the kids enjoy their tasty cone on one of the benches inside the retired trolley on the grassy lawn. The second shop is located at the Mashpee rotary so motorists looking to take a break from the Cape traffic can cool off with a frosty treat. We consider Smitty’s traditional Chocolate ice cream to be the best around, but visitors may enjoy their signature flavor, Shark’s Tooth, which offers delicious white chocolate chunks mixed throughout the creamy chocolate ice cream. 

Somerset Creamery – located on Route 28A in Cataumet, is a family owned shop which has served fresh homemade ice cream cones, sundaes and ice cream drinks since it opened its doors in 1997. The Cape Cod location is a branch of the original creamery located in Somerset, MA, established in 1937 where the ice cream continues to be made fresh daily. Enjoy your ice cream in one of their waffle cones baked fresh daily. Somerset Creamery makes a delicious Blueberry Pie ice cream, but the most

unique flavor is the Cranberry Bog ice cream, a medley of craisins, walnuts and dark chocolate mixed in a cranberry based ice cream. 

Lazy Sundae’s Ice Cream – is located in Cataumet and adjacent to the mini golf course and bumper boats. The ice cream is made fresh at the renowned Richardson’s Dairy in Middleton, MA, operated by the same family since 1695. The Vanilla ice cream contains pure vanilla from Madagascar, the Chocolate ice cream contains real cocoa from Holland, the Maple Walnut contains real Vermont maple syrup, and the Cake Batter flavor contains real pieces of cake! 

Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour – established in Mashpee in 1995, is located on Route 28 near the Falmouth border. The ice cream is made with 18% or 14% butterfat. Due to limited space, the ice cream is produced exclusively for Polar Cave by a small family creamery in the Boston area following the original recipes, some well over 100 years old. 

Try out the Dutch Apple flavor which consists of apple cinnamon flavored ice cream with apple pie filling. Be adventurous and try out the Scoop du Jour to see what original recipe the owners were inspired to create that day! 

Whether you are a tourist or a local, taking part in the seasonal tradition of enjoying a high quality scoop of ice cream should be at the top of your Cape Cod summer vacation bucket list!